International Women's Day 2018 Roundup
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  • The State Street Fearless Girl on Wall St  caught the world’s attention in 2017…..and despite revealing some gender pay discrepancies last year,  the brand has worked as a catalyst for other businesses to start creating traction on the drive for equality, with 152 US global businesses adding significant numbers of women to their boards as a result of the Fearless Girl campaign in 2017
  • The Economist trying to increase their 30% female readership clearly stated their perspectives on sexism in the city
  • UBER - celebrating  their female drivers in Asia
  • Mc Donald’s turned their ubiquitous M upside down to a W  in some key locations
  • Foyles Bookshop in Waterloo - created a women’s literature display
  • Brewdog the British brewer launched a limited edition Pink IPA donating 20% of sales to women’s charities
  • The previously discussed Diageo’s Jane Walker was challenged on its delivery but actually applauded for genuine equality credentials in their business
  • Marches were organised in some traditionally challenging female countries -  like Saudi and Pakistan, nuns marched in India and 5 MILLION women in Spain joined marches for equality

The key takeout for me is that IWD 2018, perhaps thanks to the horrors of the Weinstein #MeToo campaigns have started to change from simple awareness to real calls for action. Brands who have engaged with content for IWD were, for the most part, challenged on their equality credentials and called out if it was seen that they were just pinkwashing campaigns! 

So what were your favourite global IWD 2018 spots??

Women Shaping the Future...

On Tuesday 6th Feb we hosted our first event of 2018 - Women Shaping the Future. Held at the female-centric private members club 1880 we invited almost 60 women and a few supportive men to attend and listen to our 3 speakers.

Topics covered:

Hello Sister, Driving change as consumers: Changing attitudes and values of Women in Asia’

Katherine Chapman – CSLB Asia, Driving change as entrepreneurs: ‘ How women are changing the business landscape’

Jessica Robinson – Moxie Future, Driving change as investors: ‘Financial feminism and how women can drive change in the world through their investment choices.

MC - Casey Mathes

Questions from the audience included - What holds women back in business? How the founders find time to educate themselves and learn new skills?

We look forward to hosting more events with other female-led businesses in the near future!

Reach out if you want to hear more about any of the topics or would like the slides shared.